Pipeline Tie in Services

  • Tie in connections

    We can provide tie in connections on all types of pipelines under pressure. These tie ins are commonly used for hottaps/branch connections, linestops, valve installations, etc.

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  • Linestop & PipeFreeze

    Our linestop and pipe freezing methods are also used so contractors can tie in their own connection.

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  • Tiein for Hottap, Linestop Bypass Quote:

    Hottap Linestop Bypass Free Quote

    Free quotes help our customers gain access to the demanding pipeline pricing one needs to make an easy decision to use our professional tieins, hottap, wettap, linestop, and bypass options. More »

  • Pipe Freeze Free Quote:

    Pipe Freeze Free Quote

    If you can stop the flow in your pipeline system, we can offer you a free quote on this innovational method to compete your pipeline system’s maintenance. Our biggest freeze is 36" More »

  • Insert Valve Free Quote:

    Insert an AWWA certified valve without a linestop on a live system. Currently we stock insert valves. More »

Need a hot tapping machine?

IFT Pipeline ServicesAbout us

IFT has been serving the Americas and the World for 37+ years,  by providing pipeline solutions including: emergency responses for turn-key bypassing of pipelines, hot tapping, line stopping and valve installation services. IFT is capable of handling modifications to most piping systems. Our specialty is replacing and adding new valves to existing systems without interrupting service and the wet tapping of butterfly valves. These solutions are led by a team of technicians using innovative techniques that have helped define the industry.

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